Evaluation Landscape in Africa

Thousands of evaluations have been conducted across Africa, producing large amounts of knowledge. However, these reports are not often captured and shared nor are they easily accessible, nor are always made available to the public. There is no search platform, like Web of Science for academic publications, for evaluations. Some donors have created their own databases, but none operated sector-wide. CLEAR-AA tried to address this, and developed a platform, which is updated until 2015, the African Evaluation Database. While much more work is needed, this is a good step. Those involved with the project wrote a book to present the trends of what they have seen: Evaluation Landscape in Africa: Context, Methods and Capacity (2019), edited by Mapitsa, Tirivanhu and Pophiwa. The book is an excellent resource for those interested in this type of material and/or work. As far as I know, no similar landscape assessments are available elsewhere, making this quite a unique resource. 

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