New Publication: Who is Defining Effectiveness?

Cochrane, L. and Thornton, A. (2017) Charity Rankers: Who is Defining Effectiveness? (Ch. 18, p 108-113). In Smart Risks: How Small Grants are Helping to Solve Some of the World's Biggest Problems, edited by J. Lentfer and T. Cothran. Practical Action Publishing: Warwickshire.

Preview (first page) of chapter available here, email me for a full copy.

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7 PhD Studentships: Climate Change

Within the current call, successful applicants will be hosted at ICTA in its sustainable building (Leed-Gold) on the UAB campus, Bellaterra (Barcelona, Spain) and will develop their Ph.D. training in one of the seven projects detailed below:

  1. Climate change and the Spanish agricultural sector. Water requirements and water availability, Are they compatible?. Supervisors: Gonzalo Gamboa and David Saurí.
  2. Causes of deforestation in the Western Amazon in the context of REDD+indígena and Climate Change. Supervisors: Antoni Rosell, Martí Orta-Martínez and Joan Martinez-Alier.
  3. Integrated modeling of human response to natural climate change. Supervisors: Eric Galbraith and Jeroen van den Bergh.
  4. Local Indicators of Climate Change. Supervisors: Victoria Reyes-Garcia and Graham Mortyn.
  5. Biological implications and economic values of changes in relevant Iberian insects due to climate change. Supervisors: Victor Sarto i Monteys and Jeroen van den Bergh.
  6. Impacts of Climate Change (CC) on Human Health (HH). Supervisors: Graham Mortyn, Panagiota Kotsila and Víctor Sarto i Monteys.
  7. Assessing systemic effects of the Paris climate agreement that undercut its effectiveness. Supervisors: Jeroen van den Bergh and Isabelle Anguelovski.

Click on each project weblink for further information on the projects and the specific Ph.D. profile.

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