The History of Ethiopian – Indian Relations

​This may not be the most rigorous of historical books, but given it was published in 1961, in Ethiopia, "Indo-Ethiopian Relations for Centuries" by Muthanna is a unique find. The first 70-odd pages present some rather tenuous linkages between the two areas, and  ome rather bizarre claims that Ethiopians (and Egyptians) are descendants of Indians (p. 19). Even some of Ethiopia's most important texts (e.g. Kibra Negast) are claimed to have Indian roots (p. 36) as too are the Rock Churches of Lalibela: "in all probability the masons and subsidiary workers must have come from India" (p. 203). However, once the book moves to cover the relatively most recent period (14th century onward), it provides some interesting historical relations between the two nations. The deep historical were largely driven by imperial powers – Portuguese trade, British colonialism, slaves and soldiers moving across the oceans. More modern historical ties (1800s onward), took business and political forms – with India and Indians playing key roles in the right against the Italians and in the decision regarding Eritrea in 1952. As India is now one of Ethiopia's largest sources of foreign direct investment, this book may find new readers as the ties between the nations deepen.

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