Reading that should be more common...

Ibn Khaldun (2015 translation, 1377 original) Al Muqaddimah 

Cesaire, A. (1950) Discourse on Colonialism

Fanon, F. (1952) Black Skin, White Masks 

Fanon, F. (1959) A Dying Colonialism

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Fanon, F. (1963) The Wretched of the Earth 

Fanon, F. (1964) Toward the African Revolution

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Nkrumah, K. (1968) Revolutionary Warfare

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Nkrumah, K. (1970) Class Struggle in Africa

Rodney, W. (1972) How Europe Underdeveloped Africa 

Nkrumah, K. (1973) The Struggle Continues

Gaddafi, M. (1975) The Green Book

Amin, S. (1976) Unequal Development 

Biko, S. (1978) I Write What I Like 

Said, E. (1978) Orientalism

Thiong'o, N. (1981) Decolonizing the Mind 

Nandy (1983) The Intimate Enemy

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Amin, S. (1988 French, 2009 revision) Eurocentrism

Sankara, T. (1988) Thomas Sankara Speaks

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Mbembe, A. (2001) On the Postcolonly

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Ibhawoh, B. (2018) Human Rights in Africa

Mbembe, A. (2019, English translation) Necropolitics 

Getachew, A. (2019) Worldmaking after Empire

Mamdani, M. (2020) Neither Settler Nor Native

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