Reading Qatar

Qatar National Library

The Creation of Qatar (1979) Zahlan

Histoire et Changements Sociaux au Qatar (1982) Montigny-Kozlowska

Oil and Politics in the Gulf (1990) Crystal

The Emergence of Qatar (2005) Rahman

Qatar, A Modern History (2012, 2017) Fromherz

Jassim the Leader (2012) Mohamed al-Thani

Qatar - Politics and the Challenges of Development (2013) Gray

Small State, Big Politics (2013, 2015) Kamrava

Qatar and the Arab Spring (2014) Ulrichsen

Founder of Qatar (2015) Omar al-Ejli (translated by Idrisi)

Qatar's Modern and Contemporary Development (2015) al-Shelek, Mahmoud, al-Abdulla

Policy-Making in a Transformative State (2016) Tok, Alkhater, Pal

The Global Majlis (2016) Al Kawari

Doha Experiment (2017) Wasserman

The Gulf Crisis (2018) Miller

Teach for Arabia (2019) Vora

Qatar and the Gulf Crisis (2019) Ulrichsen

Qatar: Political, Economic and Social Issues (2019) Alkhateeb

Warriors in a Time of Sacrifice (2019) Sandoval 

Changing Qatar (2020) Harkness

Beyond Exception (2020) Kanna, Le Renard, Vora

Masters of the Pearl (2020) Morton

Qatar and the Gulf Crisis (2020) Ulrichsen

FIFA 2022: Qatar, The Legacy (2021) Qoronfleh, Essa

A Study of Qatari-British Relations 1914-1945 (2021) Yousof Ibrahim Al-Abdulla

Contemporary Qatar (2021) Zweiri and Al Qawasmi

America's Higher Education Goes Global (2022) Schiwietz

The Power of Culture (2022) al-Mayassa

Sustainable Qatar (2023) Cochrane and Al-Hababi

Home and Exile (Achebe)
The Doha Experiment
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