Ethiopia: Victorious Struggle Against Fascism

​The Derg / military government era of Ethiopia (1974-1991) is often glossed over as a terrible period, epitomized by the 'red terror' that rooted out any opposition and eliminated it. As a result, while there is much documentation on the atrocities, less is known about the rest of the social, political, ideological and legal aspects. Particularly, the insider view that analyzes why the Derg did what it did. 

This booklet, of 55 pages, presents the Italian occupation, what preceded it and what followed. "Ethiopia: Victorious Struggle Against Fascism" presents an internal view. It is a presentation of an Ethiopia aligned with the Soviet Union, struggling for alignment with socialist ideal, and battling against fascism, imperialism and the failures of capitalism. It also comes along with 20 pages of photos, some quite graphic (including an Italian holding up the head of a decapitated Ethiopian). 

I shared an earlier government-produced document, published by the Ministry of Information. This is a similar document, but is without a listed author. It appears to be the Ministry of Information. There is also no date, but my copy is stamped with "May, 1985". Documents such as these would prove useful for a historical study, and hope to make them available in full in the near future.

A History of Modern Ethiopia
Ethiopia’s First Land Tenure Study

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